Satyam Raj (born 9th October) is an Indian Film Director, Producer, Editor and Writer, best known for his movie “Andhera the darkness”

Early Life

Born in New Delhi in 1978, Satyam Raj started working at the age of 18 as a graphic designer. For two years working in the field of graphic and web design he was able to improve on the creative skills and thinking. Since his father is a film producer and spent much of his life in Mumbai, Satyam Raj moved to Mumbai in the year 2000 and learned the art of film editing. He opened a post production studio (Evoke Media Services) in the year 2001 and edited numerous films thereby gaining experience in the art of post production of films which is very important technical knowledge in the craft of film making. He can also record and mix a movie. Satyam Raj is well versed in the post production and his Studios offer services like Editing, Dubbing, Recording, Surround Mixing, Colour Correction, Graphics, Visual Effects, etc. So far his studio has offered post production services to more than 300 movies.

Introduction to Film Direction

Since he was working as an editor on many projects, it also gave him the opportunity to interact with film makers and learned a few things on film making. Since 2006, he started assisting many film directors and started gaining practical experience of film making as an assistant director. He made a short film titled Masoom (2008) based on the lives of children and earned recognition in film festivals like “Short Film Centre” of Indian International Film Festival. He has since made many short films like Ansh, Lobh, Rise, etc. In 2015 he got a chance to direct his first feature film titled “Andhera the darkness” He is now writing his next movie titled “Kakkey”.