Post Production of Movies

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This is my first blog so i thought i should write about something that i have a lot of experience in. I have been running post production studios in Mumbai for more than a decade. All these years i have been editing the movies and videos in the editing suites and also been dubbing or recording the sound in sound studios.

Let me first tell you something about editing. See whenever a movie is shot or a video is shot on a camera, its is done via different takes and angles. So every time a camera stops shooting and a new shot is taken thereafter, you need to join these shots in the edit machine. You may want to chop a few shots or bring some shots in front or take some back according to your script. Once the shoot is over all of the footage is brought back to the edit machine and the editor then bring all the shots together on a timeline and sort out all the clips in a proper sequence according to the script. This is how a video is made.

But how will a video look without a sound? So once the video is edited we take the video to the sound studio and start a process called Dubbing. Now dubbing means you have a record the sound and synchronize the sound recorded with the visual in the video. Once the audio is synchronized, there is a need for adding some sound effects like the ambience sound, vehicles passing on the road, morning birds, night cricket, etc. The reproduction of the everyday sound effects in a video or movie is also know as Foley. Then there is a need to record background music for the movie. Adding the music according to the scenes brings out the expression and the emotions of the movie. Like adding a sad music to a scene where somebody is parting ways from their loved ones will bring out the emotion in the audience. Now comes the audio mixing part wherein all the audio tracks, may it be of dub voice, sound effects or the music, are mixed together into a mono, stereo or surround sound.

So, that was a brief introduction about the post production of the videos or movies.

Hope my first blog was helpful in understanding on of the part of movie making known as post production. Please leave comments.

Satyam Raj